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Who Is a Time To Travel

Elyse Sells Dreams, not just Vacations

Elyse has been custom designing unique, personalized experiences to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific for over 22 years. 

One of Elyse's clients had this to say: "We have shown our itinerary to friends that have been to and friends living in country.  They are amazed at the comprehensiveness of the planning, coordination of schedules and breadth of our planned experience"

On her trips to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, in which she has visited over 30 times – she has experienced a myriad of diverse adventures and activities that she can personally recommend.  With her attention to detail, your trip can seamlessly, all come together.

Elyse has Extensive resources at her fingertips as 'A Time To Travel Down Under LLC' is an independent affiliate of one of the largest travel networks and seller of cruises and tours in North America.

Let's make your dream destination a reality


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